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Located a little over 20 km from Jakarta, the bustling satellite city of Tangerang provides a unique juxtaposition of aesthetics & culture: contrasting a raw and industrial present with an enchanting, and often turbulent, past. The city is an evolving hybrid between its vibrant culture and a commercial centre and is home to a growing population of 1.5 million people. Many people are attracted to Tangerang, though the reasons may vary. Aside from a business destination, there are plenty of places to explore just a couple of hours away, further west. While some rustic charms may have eroded with time, there are still some old sights just as colourful as before, waiting to be discovered. So sack off the suit, ditch the briefcase and savour these seven hot-spots that Tangerang has to offer. The Top 7 Tangerang Destinations 1. Jin de yuan temple The most important temple and the oldest in the city, this Buddhist Chinese temple dates back to 1755. The two dragons on the roof are shown to be eating pearls. The temple has exquisite carvings and fine calligraphy around the pillars.   2. Thousand doors mosque This grand mosque of Tangerang dates back to the Banten Sultanate […]

Beth Woolway walks infront of the RMS Mulheim shipwreck near Sennen, Cornwall

RMS MÜLHEIM vs. THE WRONG TROUSERS | 50°04’24.5″N 5°42’30.8″W

The next time back-to-back meetings have you feeling like you’re in for a rough day at work, consider the chief officer of the RMS Mülheim. On 22 March 2003, after catching his trousers in the lever of his chair, the aforementioned chief officer fell over, knocked himself unconscious and subsequently wrecked the 294ft 5in ship under his care, including her 2,200 tonnes of cargo. Even Superbowl-wardrobe-slip-up Janet Jackson would be wincing at that one. The result of trousers vs. cargo ship is the tangled mess of rusting metal you can see from the cliffs around Gamper Bay, near Land’s End. Around half of the ship remains in tact on the shore, barely visible from the coastal path, while the remaining remnants of the ship lay strewn around it, crushed in to unrecognisable shapes under the power of the Cornish ocean. On stormy, autumn days, there is no better place to bear witness to the wild and ferocious Cornish coastline than from sitting on those cliffs, watching the waves slowly claim back their prize one rusting panel at a time. When the waves are really roaring, the groaning of the disintegrating ship is loud enough to alert passers-by to its presence. On calmer […]

View of the colourful volcanic wasteland at Timanfaya National Park, Lanzarote


Let’s face it, the travel world has become extremely snobby. As admission to the hipster clique is judged on the obscurity of a person’s musical preferences, so too the travel clique have come to ratify membership based on the remoteness and obscurity of a person’s travel destinations. Safe to say, Lanzarote has never fared well among the up and coming traveller set. Until now. More commonly associated with an older, resort-seeking type, Lanzarote is now making a comeback among the younger generations. Like a pair of your Mum’s boyfriend jeans, once mocked now a heavily prized, vintage asset to your wardrobe, Lanzarote is making a comeback with a younger, more adventurous group of travellers, determined to prove that the ‘mainstream’ is now the new vogue. Re-imagining Lanzarote   I visited Lanzarote once as a child and have many happy memories of this small, sun-drenched island. Now as a late twenty-something, Lanzarote is back on the radar thanks to a re-invigoration of the island’s reputation from the world’s travelling and trendy. A rugged, burnt and volcanic isle, Lanzarote offers an out-of-this-world landscape available on a short-haul flight and without the astronaut training. A Spanish island located just 78 miles from the coast […]

A wooden boardwalk with two people walking crosses a lake in Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia


Conduct any Pinterest, Instagram (guidebook for Mum and Dad) search on Croatia and you’re bound to be inundated with images of the breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park (Nacionalni park Plitvička jezera). Pronounced Pleet-veet-cha, the oldest National Park in Southeast Europe is famous for its 16 cascading lakes and draws over 1.1 million nature lovers and explorers to its waterfalls each year. There weren’t quite as many people the day we visited in May. For our second day in Croatia, their famous cloudless, blue skies rocked a more familiar British grey and rain was forecast on the horizon. The optimist/Brit inside me wouldn’t let our anticipation concede to the weather, but a tiny voice of pessimism kept niggling away at me; Would Plitvice’s sun-soaked fauna and tropical coloured pools be the same as the images, if shrouded in a weather front more reminiscent of November, Oxford St, London? How to Get To Plitvice Lakes We’d booked a tour through Daluma Travel, a Croatian tour agency. Not-so-bright but very early, we were picked up by our tour guide and mini-van from the Split pick-up point and began our 3.5 hour journey North. If you are looking to travel to the lakes from Split, I […]

An image of a girl swimming in the sea is edited in Pixlr Editor


Fed up of saturating Facebook photo albums with generic ‘here’s the beach’ and ‘frankfurter legs’ shots? I know I was. For years I struggled to take photos that really captured the atmosphere, excitement or beauty of my travels. Instead I returned home with reels of photos of myself smiling nicely/sunburnt over a generic pasta dinner. Girl likes a linguine. While never lacking in ideas for the style of photography I wanted, I’d let an imaginary hurdle get in the way of my creativity: Budget. Studying photography at college seemed to have had a negative effect on my…well, negatives (awful). I’d been spoiled with the latest photography equipment and editing suites and thought the only way I could achieve the photos I envisioned, was with a Mac and Adobe licence. Money, and the lack of it, had stopped me before I’d even started. But it’s not true. Sure, I’m no Marsel van Oosten, but I’ve abandoned the linguine pics and my budget friendly, affordable travel shots are starting to reflect the beauty or emotion of each moment as it really was – helping me to create albums that, in time, will stir real memories. Not just an appetite. Finding a camera that won’t break the […]

Backpack with coins, notebook and travel documents scattered


The question was put to me over lunch with a friend: ‘How can you afford to keep travelling?’ The question was a fair one. The majority of us spend our lives saving for something, whether it’s a car, a house, or paying off the student loan. So, what happens when travel’s not your saving priority? How can you ensure you have enough money left over for ‘the big trip’? Travelling on a Budget Oddly enough, travel isn’t the Kiwi and I’s #1 saving priority either. Hence my friend’s question. Neither the Kiwi nor myself are on inflated pay-packets and we both aim to own our own home, upgrade the car and keep up with our ridiculous, bat-pig puppy’s eating habit. This year however, we will have visited over seven different countries and counting. So, how do we do it? As I see it, there are 4 main areas where you can save money on travelling: Transport Accomodation Living budget / Supporting yourself on your travels Destination Because these areas tend to be the largest expenses when travelling, they also offer the greatest opportunity to save and are a great place to start when looking to cut costs on your budget break.   Transport It’s almost inevitable that […]



For almost a month now, a Frenchman has stolen my heart. Now this isn’t me outing myself and some new love affair, the Kiwi is still very much on the scene, pottering about with his fishing rods and throwing an egg around on the weekend. In fact, the Kiwi too is having a love affair with the same Frenchman: His name is Claude.   Getting a puppy For a while now, the Kiwi and I have been desperate to share our lives (and sofa) with a pet pup. We’re both sickeningly soppy animal lovers but, until now, we’ve never been able to offer the right environment for a dog. We’ve followed the Kiwi’s rugby career from Australia to Germany, back to the UK and have lived in high-rises and have travelled. Lots! Furthermore, as previous dog owners, whilst we know how much joy they can bring, we’re also very aware of how much restriction owning a dog can have on your lives and so, until now, we’ve only admired from afar. This year however, things in the Kiwi In Kernow household have changed. We have stability now. The Kiwi and I are both doing well in work and have a lovely home in Cornwall, tucked […]

Beth Woolway sits in a blue kayak in the blue waters surrounding St Michael's Mount island and castle in Cornwall.


Ah yeeaaaah! Summer’s almost here…almost…and with a change in the weather came the opportunity to dust off the wetsuit and head out to our favourite local kayaking spot: St Michael’s Mount. With two days of my 4 day weekend already booked up with rugby and partying at The Front Room’s Love Brunch, I was counting on Good Friday being a good day spent enjoying some downtime in our beautiful Cornish home. Luckily the sun decided to play along, and we were treated to a glorious day of endless blue skies and warm, spring sunshine. The Kiwi and I are so appreciative of the wonderful place we live in. Despite having lived here for a year now, not one weekend goes by where we don’t try to make the most of the Cornish coast, and never do we take for granted the natural beauty that surrounds us. St Michael’s Mount One of our favourite spots to hang out and kayak around is St Michael’s Mount. This tiny island and picturesque castle provide spectacular views from the mainland. But whilst most visitors are familiar with the view of the Mount from the shore, with its sweeping granite walkway and protective harbour wall, my […]

Palm Trees


Last week I found myself back at the beautiful beach of Porthgwarra. The sea was calm, the sun was out and the lure of those beautiful turquoise waters had me back after a wintry period of absenteeism. Those who’ve read any of my ramblings on the Cornish coast, will know that I often fondly refer to it as the ‘Cor-ibbean’. With its dramatic sandy beaches and often tropical hues, it’s not so far a leap to compare the colours of the water between Cornwall and the pinnacle of paradise – the Caribbean. Just maybe not the weather. What can I say – I’m a real sucker for a beach with the clearest of waters, brightest of skies, and softest of sands, so drop me in the Caribbean and I’m in heaven. With so many options, choosing the best Caribbean Island to explore might be a challenge. For those looking to explore them all, Thomson offers some of the best cruises for ticking off so many delightful destinations in one go. Check out these beauties. Dive deep into the Dominican Republic If you love to explore off the beaten tourist track, then Amber Cove should be top of your list. The bay, famous for producing […]

Beth sits on top of Montserrat Mountain with her arms outstretched


With little over a month until I depart for Barcelona, Kiwi In Kernow looks back at our last visit to the Catalonian capital and our visit to the mountains and monasteries of magnificent Montserrat… (…for those looking to skip some lamenting about a hangover and get straight to the useful stuff about how to get there  – bypass this next section and head straight to ‘How to get to Montserrat’ below…)     Barcelona to Montserrat We’d been pick pocketed. A brutal hangover and the loss of a wallet hadn’t been quite the start we’d been hoping for on our first visit to Barcelona. It was hard not to let this be a dampner on our trip and even though it was completely my fault and not the city’s, the Kiwi and I needed to get out. To put some space between us and the streets and to find a little peace from the bustling crowds. While researching things to do on our visit to Barcelona, the Kiwi and I had come across mentions of Montserrat. There were some vague references to a monastery in a guidebook, a comment of some mountains to the north-west of Barcelona on a travel blog, but certainly nothing […]