Beth Woolway


The Kiwi and I (mere Brit) met on New Year’s Eve in 2011 on the front door step of my pokey Wandsworth flat. 6 months later and I’d packed in my job at Channel 4 and relocated to Perth, Australia to join him…
My parents were not impressed.
Following a year in Australia and an incredible two more in Germany, K I K was started in early 2015 when ‘the Kiwi’ and I relocated to Cornwall and wanted to begin documenting our life and travel in this wild, little world.

Despite the name, K I K is not the latest addition to the Kardashian clan. Unless ones of them’s looking to adopt a 15 stone Maori with dense facial hair. (I’ll consider offers).  K I K stands for Kiwi in Kernow and since starting out as a blog primarily focused on Cornwall, K I K has grown considerably beyond the Bodmin border and documents everything from countries we’re visiting to books I’m reading, thoughts we’re thinking and food we’re eating. And eating…

This is our attempt to narrate it all so that you may use it as a platform to find your own little corner of this wonderful and crazy world we all get to call home.

Live, laugh and always – eat fish and chips.

Beth xo


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