Kiwi In Kernow BBQ


The Kiwi and I have got the routine down to a tee now. The after-work BBQ has become somewhat of a meat-fuelled military exercise with temperatures above 18 degrees and a BBQ meat deal in the Co-op being the triggers for WWTwo burgers please. I leave work at 4:30pm precisely on BBQ day and arrive home at 17:10. The Kiwi waits in the window of our second floor flat for the first sighting of a red Ford KA, burning it’s clutch out navigating the cattle grids on the hill up to our home. Then it’s a swift nod of acknowledgement through the glass before he’s outside packing up the car with the pre-packed BBQ arsonry. I haven’t even had a chance to switch off the engine. Now, if you are unsure of how to conduct the perfect BBQ and in need of some guidance, here are our top tips for conducting the perfect Cornish beach BBQ.   1) Find your beach BBQ destination! All council owned beaches in Cornwall allow people to BBQ responsibly. By this they mean don’t litter, responsibly dispose of your embers and no gas BBQ’s. 2) Watch the weather. Make sure you check the forecast a couple of days ahead so you […]

Cornish Pasty Agenda


5 facts about the Cornish Pasty you didn’t know you needed to know… So, last week I was asked to fly up to the London offices to give a ‘brief presentation on a subject matter of my choice’. Meeting up with the London team always provides me with some amusement – it is a well known fact that to the young, professional, London scene – moving from London to Cornwall in your 20-somethings may seem as foreign as moving to Mars. Or Norfolk. To some people they think you’re on a perpetual gap year – to others it is the social suicide equivalent to moving back home with your parents. At 26. Which we actually had to do briefly to get to Cornwall in the first place. My favourite questions from the London-born and bred have been – ‘What do you mean there isn’t a Zara?’ and ‘How can you survive without a Nandos?’. When I once replied to a question about the Cornish postal system with ‘We’ve been receiving mail a lot quicker since they stopped delivery by donkey this year’ – one person genuinely asked whether it was stopped because of a revision to  animal cruelty policies. (Don’t […]

The Front Room Penzance


There’s no denying that the Kiwi and I are foodies. Whether it’s cooking at home or eating out, our social life and a lot of our free time revolves around food and we’ve made it our mission to find local treasure hotspots to make our go-to’s. With the requirements of the Kiwi’s job it means that we have to make healthy dietary choices the majority of the time but, like everyone else, we are no stranger to the blow out/cheat/treat/eat everything in sight days. It’s alway been important for us that wherever we’ve lived, we’ve found local places that can cater for either choices – whether we’re eating lean and green or full Paleo-NO. Finding places that can keep our healthy choices exciting and our guilty pleasures formidable, incentivises us to stick to a good plan and keep the balance in check. The Front Room Penzance is the first place we’ve found that deliciously combines both. Located centrally on Market Jew St in Penzance, the outside of the cafe, come restaurant, come bar has the appearance of a homely cottage which is married up beautifully by the decoration choices of the inside. It’s quirky, meets comfy – country romance, meets […]