For almost a month now, a Frenchman has stolen my heart. Now this isn’t me outing myself and some new love affair, the Kiwi is still very much on the scene, pottering about with his fishing rods and throwing an egg around on the weekend. In fact, the Kiwi too is having a love affair with the same Frenchman: His name is Claude.   Getting a puppy For a while now, the Kiwi and I have been desperate to share our lives (and sofa) with a pet pup. We’re both sickeningly soppy animal lovers but, until now, we’ve never been able to offer the right environment for a dog. We’ve followed the Kiwi’s rugby career from Australia to Germany, back to the UK and have lived in high-rises and have travelled. Lots! Furthermore, as previous dog owners, whilst we know how much joy they can bring, we’re also very aware of how much restriction owning a dog can have on your lives and so, until now, we’ve only admired from afar. This year however, things in the Kiwi In Kernow household have changed. We have stability now. The Kiwi and I are both doing well in work and have a lovely home in Cornwall, tucked […]

Kynance Cove


In the autumn of 2010, my dishevelled, pre-Kiwi self turned up on the doorstep of 18b Eglantine Road, Wandsworth. The impersonal process of entering in to a flat share via a Gumtree ad is a common occurrence in London. Albeit a terrifying one. Sort of a lonely-hearts column meets an X-Factor-style popularity contest. Awkward, after-work viewings spent discussing the practicalities of divvying up the bills whilst all the time I’m thinking to myself whether the bank account is going to stretch to cover the amount of bleach I’m going to need to move in to this place. And use that bathroom. But here I was. On a doorstep. With all my worldly possessions. Little did I know that in only a few months this house would become my home, and my flat mates – like family. Naaw, I love you guys. So this weekend my former flat-mate, brother from another mother, desert boot wearing, enigmatic grey squirrel fanatic John(ty) and his wonderful girlfriend Vik, crossed the pre-Bodmin boundary line in to Cornwall. Since moving out of London, rarely have we had a chance to meet up, so it felt only right that we made this reunion special. Cornwall didn’t let […]

Beach Feature


After travelling the UK for the past 5 weeks, being apart from this crazy little place has taken its toll and it feels so good to be finally back on the coast, curled up in our little Cornish flat, with the seagulls outside and good fish and chips back on the menu. In honour of this quirky little county, I’ve put together a few of the brilliant facts which make it impossible not to fall head over heels, traditional steak over cheese and onion pasty, battered cod over scampi in love with this place. I’ve put them all together in a little infographic – feel free to share using the share buttons and embed code below. A Cornish Infographic Embed   Share on Facebook Share Share on TwitterTweet Share on Google Plus Share Share on Pinterest Share

Moving to Cornwall Problems


Most people will empathise with the pain of missed bin collections, the Monday morning alarm and delivery drivers not turning up in the 200 hour delivery window they quoted . Here we round-up the little pains of life that have got worse for us since ditching the city(s) and moving to Cornwall.   1. Laundry Now we have a wetsuit hanging from every available surface in the house. Widow Twankey’s Laundry meets Fat Willy’s Surf Shack.   2. Problems with the neighbours: Instead of having neighbours banging on the ceiling to quieten me and my girlfriends on a Friday night, we now have wildlife banging on the window on a Monday morning to demand we top the bird seed up.     3. Same old work lunch break routine Having to go to the same old  beach bar every lunch time. Zzzzz.     4. Office work shoes This is a two-fold change for me. Now I’ve switched heels for boat shoes in the boardroom. And they’re always full of sand.     5. Hold-ups on the daily commute Insert various cow puns related to not mooving…   What unique little life problems does Cornwall throw your way? Get in touch via our […]



Last week was my birthday. I’m not one to shout about the occasion but this year felt different and special – not only because it was my first birthday officially living in Cornwall but also because it is the last time I age past 27. I don’t mean this to sound like some morbid prophecy and my feeble childhood attempt at playing the clarinet will probably bar me from ever joining the Forever 27 Club. My reasoning is far more superficial and shallow and is purely based on the fact that I am scared of getting older and so, as of next year, shall forever turn 27 each time the candles are dragged out. (Oh yes, I’m not giving up the perks that come with the birthday. The gifts, the cake – oh no, I’ll keep those. I’m just losing the age part.) 23 was a brilliant age, still fresh from Uni it felt like all of my irresponsibility could be placed at the door of my youth. Now, banging on the door of number 27, people ask me questions on my future direction, and savings! And the 23-year-old inside of me is left thinking – ‘What the hell has […]