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Following some dream job offers and a childhood obsession with the place, The Kiwi and I relocated to Cornwall in June 2015.

Is it the idyllic life of evening strolls on the beach after work, a diet abundant with freshly caught seafood and a new vocabulary teeming with words like ‘dude’ and ‘knarly‘ ? At times, it really is.

Other times however, it is exploring a very different set of vocab whilst fighting a seagull for your lukewarm pasty; Pretending to all that you have ‘categorically never wee’d in your wetsuit’ and parking up in a council car park, unable to see any trace of the coastline for steamed up windows as the rain lashes at you sideways. The frustration of the tube commute is replaced by the A30 changeover day traffic jams. The sea of black umbrellas on the pavement is now a horde of windbreaks by the sea.

And these guides will endeavor to capture it all. The good, the bad, but in this place – never is it ugly. This is the land of rugged beaches and windswept moors. Of Rick Stein’s fish and Poldark’s abs. Of basking sharks in the bays and battered cod in the bellies. It officially goes by two names but is described fondly using many.

This is our attempt to narrate it all so that you may use it as a platform to find your own little corner of this wonderful and crazy little English county we get to call home.

West Cornwall:

North Cornwall

South Cornwall



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