This weekend my parents came to stay. For some, the arrival of the generation above might bring out a cold sweat and a serious case of tidying-those-places-that-no-normal-human-being-would-ever-clean-but-your-parents-will-definitely-notice-if-you-don’t. For me however, the arrival of these two wonderful people who inspired a love of the Cornish coast in their offspring, forecasts a fantastic time of walking, exploring (and eating) and this weekend’s daughter-parent outing to Nanjizal did by no means disappoint. Even if I did have to bust out the duster. The beach of Nanjizal isn’t well known to most visitors to Cornwall. Or even to many locals in fact. The name doesn’t overpopulate the pages of any guidebooks, there is no road to the beach and, despite its beauty, the Cornish highlights reel that is the BBC Poldark series hasn’t filmed there. (Yet). Despite these things, the beach of Nanjizal has been heralded by some visitors and publications, as one of the best beaches of the Penwith Peninsula. Now, when you consider that the other competitors in this class are the famous beaches of Porthcurno, Sennen and Porthgwarra, you realise what a feat even a mere comparison to these others is. Let alone being considered superior. It is for that reason that […]

Rocky gullies in the surf, Dollar Cove, Cornwall FEATURE


Despite a foggy head and a slight loss of sensation in my limbs (a leftover from the Crantock bale push the night before), last Saturday we headed over to the intriguingly named Dollar Cove and Church Cove on the Lizard Coast. Since learning the history of this particular stretch of coastline, both the Gunwalloe coves – Dollar Cove and Church Cove – have always featured high up on our list of must-visit places. Situated on the dramatically beautiful Lizard peninsula, until now our visits had always been thwarted by the allure of the coves’ more famous neighbours, Kynance and Poldhu. By no means the ugly sister of the three, the Gunwalloe coast is comparatively less well known and lacks the guide book coverage that it’s show-time neighbours have received. What it lacks in tourist exposure however, it more than makes up for in its rich and plentiful history. In particular it’s shipwrecks.  Treasure shipwrecks.   As I parked up at the National Trust car park, the weather was perfect. A week of strong offshore winds and stormy weather was just breaking up, leaving behind a coastline battered and bruised by incoming set after incoming set of powerful, slate grey waves. As the clouds chased each […]

Crantock Bale Push


Once a year towards the end of summer, the streets of the idyllic, thatched village of Crantock take a slight departure from their regular peaceful setting and are taken over by an evening of this: Having grown up in the West Country, I’m used to the odd welly wang, cheese-roll and other such feats of agricultural athleticism. I can’t say however, that I’ve ever pushed a 5ft round bale of hay around a village course. In the pouring rain. The Crantock bale push has been going since the early 2000’s and was started up as a fundraising attempt to raise money for a new village hall. Move forward to 2016 and the much loved annual event has now raised over £50,000 for charities close to the village’s heart. All for a good cause. That’s what I keep reminding myself when I struggle to get dressed and raise my aching arms above my head. The conversation about entering a team was broached by my friend Sammy at work a couple of weeks ago. Being one of these agricultural athlete types (record breaking Welly Wanger, Year 8, Hugh Sexey’s Middle School) I of course blindly signed up without first doing any research on […]

Beth Woolway swims through beautiful blue water at Porthgwarra, Cornwall


It’s only been a few weeks since we stumbled upon the beautiful cove of Porthgwarra on the west Cornwall coast. This sheltered little cove, with no beach at high tide and an entry road that requires both you and your car to be about 2 tonnes skinnier, soon won us over with its charm and beautiful ‘Corribbean’ waters and has since become our favourite place on the coast – even in comparison to its award winning neighbours – Porthcurno and Sennen. Back then, armed with nothing but a headache and a dire need for an English breakfast, we’d realised the area’s fishing potential but had been unable to act upon it. Today however, we came armed with kayak, rods and snorkeling kit. Now, it’s been mentioned a few times before that our vehicle, our road beast of choice, is a ’54 plate red KA. Whilst we have seen spectacular triumphs in what we have been able to get inside the car (1 washing machine + 2 humans/1 mountain bike + 2 humans/4 large rugby humans and 1 squashed driver), we now had to get an XL fishing kayak on to the roof of one. Oh – and we didn’t own […]

Kiwi In Kernow BBQ


The Kiwi and I have got the routine down to a tee now. The after-work BBQ has become somewhat of a meat-fuelled military exercise with temperatures above 18 degrees and a BBQ meat deal in the Co-op being the triggers for WWTwo burgers please. I leave work at 4:30pm precisely on BBQ day and arrive home at 17:10. The Kiwi waits in the window of our second floor flat for the first sighting of a red Ford KA, burning it’s clutch out navigating the cattle grids on the hill up to our home. Then it’s a swift nod of acknowledgement through the glass before he’s outside packing up the car with the pre-packed BBQ arsonry. I haven’t even had a chance to switch off the engine. Now, if you are unsure of how to conduct the perfect BBQ and in need of some guidance, here are our top tips for conducting the perfect Cornish beach BBQ.   1) Find your beach BBQ destination! All council owned beaches in Cornwall allow people to BBQ responsibly. By this they mean don’t litter, responsibly dispose of your embers and no gas BBQ’s. 2) Watch the weather. Make sure you check the forecast a couple of days ahead so you […]

Kiwi In Kernow

Instachart: The week’s hottest round-up of the best of the Cornish countryside

With 80% of the county surrounded by water, there’s no question that one of the main draws of Cornwall – for resident and visitor alike – is it’s beautiful and rugged coastline. But what happens when you turn your back to the ocean and take the less travelled path inland? Proving that there’s more to Cornwall than just it’s outstanding beach life – these are the people whose Instagram shots prove that there’s just as much beauty and Cornish character when you forgo the coast and set your sights on the Cornish countryside. Next week the Kiwi and I will be travelling to my parents in Somerset to see Banksy’s Dismaland installation! That means next week’s Instachart will be put on hold until the following week giving you 2 weeks to serve up your best snaps! So, the theme for Sunday 6th September’s Instachart and in honour of Mum’s home cooked grub, will be all things food! Get that Instagram calorie counter ticking and show us the best of Cornwall’s edible offerings! From Pasties to pub grub, from fudge to saffron buns, be it good for the waistline or even better for the soul, we want to see what Cornish comfort […]

Girl in wetsuit in Porthgwarra


Last week the Kiwi and I decided to head out to our usual Saturday morning haunt – Porthcurno. I was a little worse for wear after a leaving do from the night before and, following a brief stint of recovery (face down) in the sand, we decided that even the relatively small crowds at Porthcurno were too large for this headache and decided to head out for the smaller and less busier cove of Porthgwarra nearby. Porthgwarra Not having visited before, we headed over on the recommendation of a friend who’d visited a few weeks ago on a coastal walk through the area. With a small beach and the majority of the entry into the water over rocks – this sounded like a perfectly anti-social place to curl up in the sunshine following a nice, quiet dip. The drive down to the cove was daunting enough without the effects of last night taking it’s toll on this passenger. Small, winding roads barely the width of one car were only broken up by small passing spaces and would be enough to put off most drivers in anything bigger than a KA (so every car). So, even though the car park of Porthcurno […]


Instachart: The week’s hottest round-up of the best of Cornwall’s surfing

As the home of British surfing it’s not surprising then that Cornwall’s Instagram feed is a comprehensive documentation of it’s favourite pastime. So, in order to fill the void that last week’s Boardmaster’s left behind, this week we turned to Instagram to compile the best of Cornwall’s surfing. From sunsets to, sunny sets these are our top pics from the last week. Next week we will be turning our cameras away from the coast and towards the country! We want to see what you love about Cornwall when you turn your back on the beach. From salty towns to sun dappled moors, we will be selecting our favourites from #Cornwall over the next 7 days. Just like last week, remember to add #kiwiinkernow if you want to stand out with a chance of being featured on next week’s Instaround-up!   1. @oceanbreezecornwall | Porthtowan This week I found myself obsessively trawling through @oceanbreezecornwall’s surfing shots. The Kiwi and I found it impossible to agree on just one to be our favourite so have snuck a second selection in with the justification that they compliment each other perfectly. Whilst the IG feed of the Cornish coast is typically awash with a spread of blues […]

Cornish Pasty Agenda


5 facts about the Cornish Pasty you didn’t know you needed to know… So, last week I was asked to fly up to the London offices to give a ‘brief presentation on a subject matter of my choice’. Meeting up with the London team always provides me with some amusement – it is a well known fact that to the young, professional, London scene – moving from London to Cornwall in your 20-somethings may seem as foreign as moving to Mars. Or Norfolk. To some people they think you’re on a perpetual gap year – to others it is the social suicide equivalent to moving back home with your parents. At 26. Which we actually had to do briefly to get to Cornwall in the first place. My favourite questions from the London-born and bred have been – ‘What do you mean there isn’t a Zara?’ and ‘How can you survive without a Nandos?’. When I once replied to a question about the Cornish postal system with ‘We’ve been receiving mail a lot quicker since they stopped delivery by donkey this year’ – one person genuinely asked whether it was stopped because of a revision to  animal cruelty policies. (Don’t […]

Kiwi In Kernow Round-Up

Instachart: The week’s hottest round-up of the best of #Kernow

This week the sun returned to Cornwall and Instagram once again left behind the images of luke-warm cups of coffee in steamed up cars and returned to charting beautiful blue skies and rugged coasts. In celebration of all things Cornish we’ve rounded up the best of #Kernow from the past 7 days. As part of an ongoing feature on we will be collating the best Instagram photos from each week on a certain Cornish theme. This week we’ve pulled together the ‘Best of all things Cornish’ using the #Kernow tag – From surfing to sunny evenings, from coastal paths to cornish pasties – these guys have captured the heart and soul of this windswept county and inspired us for a week of sunshine to come. Next week, we will be looking to all things surfing! In celebration of Boardmasters (and commiseration at it’s end) we will be selecting our favourites from #cornwall’s surfing snaps. Add #kiwiinkernow if you want to stand out with a chance of getting featured on next week’s Insta-roundup!   1. @nick.jackson | Poldhu Cove   @nick.jackson’s longer exposure of the waves at Poldhu Cove translates the force of the sea into soft lines which pull hard […]