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The Kiwi didn’t get much of a Christmas. Whilst the day we spent together with my family was wonderful, that was all he got. One day. As I spent the rest of my festive holiday horizontal, reclined on my parents couch, draining the dregs of the chocolate selection boxes (and girl-crushing on Aidan Turner in ‘towel-gate’), he was out running around a cold, muddy field in shorts.

So this weekend, one where the Kiwi isn’t working being a rare one, we decided to head up the coast to Polperro, to fashion ourselves a little post-Christmas break at my parent’s holiday cottage.

For fear of repeating myself – Polperro is one of my favourite spots in winter. The cold brings out the charm of this little crooked town and if you’re brave enough to leave the warmth of your cottage for the cliffs outside, I can promise you, it’s worth every goose bump.  We drove up in the rain on the Friday but woke to the sun in the morning.

January diets abandoned to the wind outside, a hearty breakfast of avocado and salmon bagels stuffed on the inside, we headed to the cliffs beyond the harbour wall. Just the ticket in order to blow the cobwebs away. We holed up on the bench, watching the incoming tide crash up over the rocks. And when the rain came, we bundled in to the KA and headed to Fowey to arm ourselves up with more calories and tea.

Polperro bench sunrise

Sitting watching the sea

Sky seagull cliff

Polperro cliffs

Upclose rocks seaside coast

Rock Seaside Barnacles

Rockpool portrait

Rain windscreen, Fowey, Bodinnick Ferry

Back in the warm, I’m writing this whilst currently sat in front of the fire, and whilst I’d love you to think that I’m sat poised atop a hearth rug, penning a note to you whilst scantily clad and two glasses of red warming – the ultimate romantic scene – it’s sadly not the case. Well, apart from the wine. A Nick Cage and Meg Ryan City of Angels scene this isn’t.

City of Angels Fireplace love scene
Jurassic Park is on the TV, the Kiwi’s on the iPad and I’m wearing enough wool to give Det. Sarah Lund from The Killing a run for her money.

The wine warming is a give away for how long the New Years resolution lasted for. 5 days. That’s all it takes for me to break resolution number one. And although I think I’m still yet to break my second – no chocolate – the Kiwi thinks I’m just lying to myself when I claim that the 100g of fudge I bought earlier still isn’t teeechnically breaking my my last and final resolution. Well it’s not chocolate? Get your head back in to your share bag of crisps Kiwi. Hypocrite.

So, with resolutions well and truly flung to the Cornish wind, the Kiwi and I will finish off this bottle of red before heading to our favourite Polperro haunt – the Blue Peter pub. Fingers crossed for a fuzzy recollection of staggering home and an aversion to light and loud noises in the morning. It wouldn’t be a weekend in Polperro without it.

Here’s to Christmas for another year and a happy 2016 to all. May it be healthy, happy and safe for you all.


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