Girls getting ready together


In June of 2010 I was on a high. I’d finished my degree at King’s College London, had embarked on a fantastic opportunity with Virgin Media and lived in a beautiful flat, two rows back from the Thames in Putney, London.
By November of the same year the trajectory had changed. My paternal grandfather fell seriously unwell, the Virgin Media company was sold – its employees made redundant – and through a six-month break clause in the contract, I suddenly found myself with the prospect of nowhere to live. For a fleeting moment, my London bubble had burst and, much like when a normal bubble bursts, it had splattered itself over everything in the nearby vicinity. Suddenly friendships, routines – even my morning commutes – were monstrously changed and I saw an unfamiliar side of London – one of the struggle for employment and finances, combined with the exhaustion and expense of finding rented accommodation.

Would I change a thing now?


For those who believe that things happen for a reason, in the case of this series of sh*tty events, they may have briefly shaken my stability, finances and waist line (for the better) but they handsomely replaced these inconveniences with 4 monstrously awesome human beings. Lisa, John, Courtney and the Kiwi.

You can meet the Kiwi throughout this blog and John in my ‘Those Who Flat Together, Stick Together‘ post. Lisa and Courtney however, are fresh introducees which is odd as those two make up such a large proportion of my life and are the cause of a lot of my snorting laughter, this Unbenannt, this crying laughing face  , this dancing girl, this Shocked face and this Winky face face.

Oh, here we are:

Girls dressed up in Vampire costumes with fake blood

The reason I’m getting so excited is that in 1 week today – I will be getting on a plane to Auckland for the a reunion with all of three of us together for the first time in three years…

These two turned London in to a place of laughter, love, happiness and mischief and although all 3 of us live countries, if not continents, apart now – my heart, head and Skypes will always be with them! After living in London together we all went our separate ways in 2012. Courtney stayed in London before returning to her home country, Australia. I moved to Perth with the Kiwi before moving to Germany and then Cornwall. Lisa moved to New Zealand to be with her partner in his home country. Despite the distance our friendship and love of gin is just as strong!

Lisa is my PIC (partner in crime), the Paris to my Nicole, the Billy to my Silly and in a little over a week she is getting married in NZ and I couldn’t be happier for her, more excited and more nervous about fitting in to my bridesmaid dress. Her husband to be is wonderful and I will forever be grateful to him for putting up with us!

For these girls I would do anything but flying to New Zealand will have to suffice for now. The suitcase is back out, dresses, heels and costumes are being flung in – Auckland, we’re coming to get ya!

Beth Woolway and Courtney with pants on their head

Girls getting ready together

Beth Woolway and Lisa

Beth Woolway and Lisa in Spain

Beth Woolway and Courtney in Germany

Girls playing in Trafalgar Square

The Ship Inn, Wandsworth

Beth and Lisa with Julie in Span



    1. Hi Sammy!

      I’m so excited I’mcountingdownsleepsuntilIgo excited! I’m sure I can find a little NZ shaped space for a blog post :) ! I’ve also always wanted to go so I’m sure my camera will be permanently attached to my eye and the blog at my fingers!

      Thanks for stopping by and keep in touch!

      Beth | K I K

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