Beth Woolway sits in a blue kayak in the blue waters surrounding St Michael's Mount island and castle in Cornwall.


Ah yeeaaaah! Summer’s almost here…almost…and with a change in the weather came the opportunity to dust off the wetsuit and head out to our favourite local kayaking spot: St Michael’s Mount.

With two days of my 4 day weekend already booked up with rugby and partying at The Front Room’s Love Brunch, I was counting on Good Friday being a good day spent enjoying some downtime in our beautiful Cornish home. Luckily the sun decided to play along, and we were treated to a glorious day of endless blue skies and warm, spring sunshine.

The Kiwi and I are so appreciative of the wonderful place we live in. Despite having lived here for a year now, not one weekend goes by where we don’t try to make the most of the Cornish coast, and never do we take for granted the natural beauty that surrounds us.

St Michael’s Mount

One of our favourite spots to hang out and kayak around is St Michael’s Mount. This tiny island and picturesque castle provide spectacular views from the mainland. But whilst most visitors are familiar with the view of the Mount from the shore, with its sweeping granite walkway and protective harbour wall, my favourite view is from the rear of the Mount which is only accessible by water. From here the landscaped gardens can be fully appreciated, awash with colour and framed dramatically by the jagged lines of the rocks below and the clean, calculated lines of the castle’s stone turrets above. To sit quietly in the water and gaze upon the Mount, you feel that the architect of both the garden and castle had designed this view to be fully appreciated from the water. I always feel incredibly lucky to be among the minority who get to see it.

This Friday it was probably a bit choppier then I would have liked. Nothing I or a fairly adequate kayaker couldn’t handle however, nothing is better when the swell is small and you can relax in the water. The shelter of the bay often leads to glassy water conditions and at these times, the sea is perfect. You can paddle out to the Mount and just take in the view, spending little time focused on paddling or correcting your position against the waves.

Beth Woolway sits in a blue kayak in the blue waters surrounding St Michael's Mount island and castle in Cornwall.

A blue kayak floats in the sea behind St Michael's Mount. The castle and castle gardens are in view under a blue sky.

Despite being full on, I still managed to get some quick snaps on the GoPro. The colours were incredible and the view, mesmerising. After initially only meaning to go out for half an hour, it was over double that amount of time before I decided to paddle in. The swell was starting to pick up and I was finding my winter-rested muscles were beginning to tire against the onslaught of waves.

For those looking to kayak around St Michael’s Mount, the National Trust car park is right of the beach front and provides easy access for those lugging down gear. You can enter the water easily and a paddle to the Mount is around 10 minutes at high tide, depending on the weather and water conditions. As is always the way with Cornwall, be aware of quick changes in weather conditions and never approach the island too close. The Mount is surrounded by underlying rocks which are quick to reveal themselves in unpredictable swells. For more visitor information on the Mount including visiting times and events, check out their website here.

If looking for other kayaking spots in Cornwall, then why not check out the tropical sea colours explored in our guide to kayak fishing in Porthgwarra? Or, if you fancy more of a land-lubbing day out in Cornwall, make sure you check out our guide to walking Nanjizal.

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    1. Hi Emily!

      Ah thanks! We feel pretty lucky too, it helps when the sun is shining 😉 ! I hope you live somewhere reasonably close to visit but, if you don’t, Cornwall is a pretty good staycation destination?!

      Have a great weekend!

      Beth xoxo

  1. Was in mounts bay over the weekend and saw your tweets. Think I might have even seen you head out in your yak. Keep the Cornish kayaking up, will be good to get some ideas of paddle spots. Cheers, Will.

    1. Hi Will,

      Ha ha, yes, at an XXL size for the kiwi, the kayak can be hard to miss! Next time come over and say hi!
      Glad we can give you a little inspiration for some kayaking spots; This summer we’re hoping to explore a lot more so keep in touch with the blog for some more ideas. And share yours if you find some great places!

      Have a great weekend!

      Beth xoxo

  2. As a yak fan, loving the colors of the ocean in Britain. I knew you guys had castles but didn’t realise they were on the coast too. Bit different from here in Cali!
    Following on Twitter.

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