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Last week I found myself back at the beautiful beach of Porthgwarra. The sea was calm, the sun was out and the lure of those beautiful turquoise waters had me back after a wintry period of absenteeism. Those who’ve read any of my ramblings on the Cornish coast, will know that I often fondly refer to it as the ‘Cor-ibbean’. With its dramatic sandy beaches and often tropical hues, it’s not so far a leap to compare the colours of the water between Cornwall and the pinnacle of paradise – the Caribbean.

Just maybe not the weather.

What can I say – I’m a real sucker for a beach with the clearest of waters, brightest of skies, and softest of sands, so drop me in the Caribbean and I’m in heaven. With so many options, choosing the best Caribbean Island to explore might be a challenge. For those looking to explore them all, Thomson offers some of the best cruises for ticking off so many delightful destinations in one go. Check out these beauties.

Dive deep into the Dominican Republic

If you love to explore off the beaten tourist track, then Amber Cove should be top of your list. The bay, famous for producing amber, leads to stunning Puerto Plata where the list of things to do is pretty endless. Damajagua Waterfalls is certainly a tropical scene you won’t forget in a hurry, or take it all in from up above with a trip on the cable car. Amber Cove is a true gem of the Caribbean.
Palm trees overhang a tropical beach

Antiguan adventure

For avid beach goers, even for those who have seen some of the best beaches around, St Johns doesn’t disappoint. Perfectly palm fringed shores, lapped by crystal waters that you won’t be able to resist diving into. Swim deep with the stingrays, or feel the wind in your hair with a boat ride over its waters. The colours of St Johns will leave you daydreaming for a long time to come.
Clear, blue, tropical sea and cloudless blue sky

Marvel in Martinique

Experience a different kind of Caribbean culture in Fort de France. Whether you want to splash some holiday cash in Yves Saint Laurent, or maybe go more traditional with some edible purchases at Creole Market, Fort de France has enough to keep you occupied if you need a day on dry land. The Fort, drenched in deep historic tales, and the tropical paradise that is Balata Gardens, are also spots to impress. You’ll be living the Caribbean dream!
Girl with head turned and sunglasses on stands in front of tropical plants

The ultimate Caribbean offering

The quintessential Caribbean experience? Barbados, of course! Bridgetown is what the Caribbean is all about. From its deep waters that ripple with the paddling of sea turtles, to its lavish, yacht filled marinas — you’ll fall in love with Bridgetown in no time. If you want somewhere to lounge on the sand in the morning, adventure into the tropical waters by lunchtime, and navigate deep into caves at sunset — Bridgetown is a must.
A palm tree casts a shaow over a blue, tropical sea

Caribbean memories on Curaçao Island

Ready to be dazzled by Willemstad? Think quirky, coloured buildings and tropical birds galore. As a slightly quieter Caribbean destination, Willemstad is a real retreat from the hustle and bustle of tourists. Board the trolley train and you’ll be able to see some of the town’s best bits, whether it’s the cathedral or the lush, green parks. This is a genuine, hidden Caribbean treat.
Up close photo of a flamingo
The Caribbean truly is a dreamy holiday destination, so being able to experience multiple destinations makes it even better. But here’s a warning, you might struggle to resist a second visit once you’ve witnessed its scenery. Enjoy!


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